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Call for Abstract

The National Steering Committee for the 3rd International Federation of Social Workers Africa Region Conference 2019 is pleased to invite abstract proposals for oral presentations, interactive poster presentations, panels, and youths’ pre event. This conference presents social workers, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and advocates the opportunity to discuss advancements in social work research, policy implications and program initiatives. We are inviting abstracts that examine the following Sub-thems, Include a brief discussion of how your submission relates to the conference theme of: Strengthening Human Relations for Socio-economic and Political Transformation.

Sub- Themes

Sub- Theme 1: Social enterprise, productive employment and socio-economic transformation
Sub- Theme 2: Social work with children, youth, elderly
Sub- Theme 3: Gender, disability, mental health, social inclusion and social work in contemporary African society
Sub- Theme 4: Emancipatory/Transformative social work education, social justice and social service workforce strengthening
Sub- Theme 5: Social work in Health settings (chronic illness and epidemic, public health, SRHR)
Sub- Theme 6: Social work in emergencies, refugee and conflict/post conflict situations
Sub- Theme 7: The social aspects of extractive industry and large scale infrastructural development in Africa
Sub- Theme 8: Indigenous and innovative approaches in social work
Sub- Theme 9: Ethics and values in social work practice and research
Sub- Theme 10: Population and Environment Issues
Sub- Theme 11: Sexuality and Socal work in Africa

The deadline for abstract submissions is 16th September 2019

General abstract guidelines:

Authors will be asked to identify up to two themes and up to three topics relevant to the abstract submission (see themes and topics listed above). The number of authors per abstract is unlimited. However, only one author can be listed as the presenting author

Abstracts must not have been published for presentation to any other national or international meeting. However, an abstract that was submitted but was not accepted in previous conferences are valid and may be submitted for IFSWA Africa Region Conference 2019.

All abstracts must be submitted in English. Please structure abstracts of no more than 300 words in the following format and do not include diagrams or list of references:

  • Thematic relevance: Include a brief discussion of how your submission relates to the conference theme of: Social Work In strengthening Human Relation for Social Economic and Political Transformation
  • Background and Purpose section: problem description, study objectives, research question(s) and/or hypothesis(es);
  • Methods section: explanation of the study design, including a description of the participants and sampling methods, procedures for data collection, measures, and analytic and/or statistical approach;
  • Results section: summarize findings;
  • Conclusions and Implications section: describe the outcomes of the study as well as the practice and policy implications, and include suggestions for further research.

NB! As part of the online submission, a 50-75 words bio must be provided for each coauthor.

Presentation formats are as follows:

  • Interactive Poster: A display area will be provided. It is expected that the author(s) will be present at the poster location during the specified presentation time(s) to discuss the contents with the conference participants. Further instructions will be provided in the abstract acceptance letter.
  • Oral Presentation: The time allocated for oral presentations is 20 minutes [15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for discussion and questions]. Oral presentations will be grouped together in a chaired session according to topic and theme.
  • Panel Presentation: A panel presentation is a session lasting 90 minutes organized by applicant(s) that includes three to five papers that address a common theme and includes at least three presenting authors. Panel submissions are particularly encouraged.

Final selection of abstracts will be done by members of the forum technical review panel by the end of June 30th 2019.


All abstracts must be accompanied by a registration form. Registration details can be submitted online on the conference website. Participants will pay prevailing rates applicable at the time of registration. Late registration will attract a late registration fee.

Registration fees

Delegates from outside Uganda - 300 USD
Uganda delegates - 220 USD
Students and Youth (Undergraduate students & youth Below 30 years) - 150 USD
Exhibition fees - 100 USD


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